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Video Tutorials  
Matrix Glaze Software  
  Introducing Matrix Glaze Software
Matrix offers many very useful functions which make the management and manipulation of your glazes so easy. This video introduces Matrix for those who are unfamiliar with its power and ease in function.
The Recipe to Formula Environment  
  Entering and Saving a Recipe
This video will show you how to enter a recipe into Matrix and save the recipe as either an individual recipe file of into a recipe database.
  Create a New Recipe that Replicates a Unity Formula.
The recipe may be one obtained in a magazine or on the internet. It may contain materials that are unavailable locally. This tutorial shows you how to replace unavailable materials with available ones.
The Formula to Recipe Environment  
  Create a New Recipe in the Formula to Recipe Environment that Replicates the Unity Formula of an original Glaze.
This end result of this process will be similar to that listed above for the Recipe to Formula environment. The difference is that this is a lot easier and will reproduce a recipe with a unity formula that EXACTLY matches that of the original.
The Raw Materials Environment  
  Creating and Managing your personal Local Materials database
This video will show you how to create and manage the default raw materials database called "Local Materials". This database is designed to contain copies of raw materials found in other databases. It should include only those materials that you use regularly in your glaze work.
Matrix Glaze Software
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