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Matrix V6 - Raw Materials  

The raw materials environment gives you full control of the data associated with each material in the materials databases.

There are 19 databases containing raw materials. They are listed in the "Databases" panel. When you click on the name of a database the list of materials in that database will be displayed in the "Materials" list box.

When a raw material name has been clicked in the Materials panel all of the data concerning that material stored in the database is displayed. Some of that information can be edited using the options in the "List Filter" panel and in the "Display" panel. You can also change the "Cost / Kg" amount. Use the button to change the unity formula for a material.

There are many databases in which materials of various categories have been collected. When entering a new material first choose the most appropriate database e.g. there is a special database for Ferro Frits and another for Feldspars.

If the material you have entered is one you commonly use in your studio then you should "Copy" it to your Local Materials database so that it is easily accessible.

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Local Materials

The default database is "Local Materials". This database is designed to enable you to collect from the other databases the materials that you commonly use in your studio.

You can build this database by selecting materials from other databases and copying them to "Local Materials".

In the Materials panel there is a button.

When a material is displayed from any of the other databases you can use this button to copy that material into your Local Materials file.

This is an important function in Matrix. Your local materials file should contain only copies of materials that should be found in other databases.

For more information about entering and managing raw materials consult the Matrix Help file. The Help file contains detailed instructions for all raw material operations including entering a new material.

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