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Matrix V6 - Formula to Recipe  
The options in this environment include:
  • entering a new unity formula.
  • creating a new recipe based on the displayed unity formula.
  • altering a unity formula to change its fired quality.

The image below shows the Cone 10 glaze which was imported from the Recipe to Formula environment.

The Make Recipe function provides three options for generating a glaze from a unity formula.

  • Auto which enables you to quickly create a recipe (or series of recipes) using a specially chosen group of materials.

  • Preselect offers a recipe creation process in which there will be no oxide overloads.

  • Manual gives you full control over the order in which the oxides are filled and the materials used. If an "overload occurs" then a warning window opens explaining the situation.

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Creating a Recipe - using "Preselect"

This is the most used of the three options.

Matrix will choose the correct sequence of oxides to fill and will open a window listing materials that are guaranteed not to "overload" any of the other oxides in the unity formula.

The materials in the list window can be checked for oxide contribution by simply clicking one on the name.

As each material is selected the red arrow moves to the next oxide in a predetermined sequence.

Eventually all of the oxides are "filled" after which the button appears offering to let you keep the recipe that you and Matrix have created.

Using this button the recipe can then be sent back to the Recipe to Formula environment or saved there and then.

The process is fast and accurate and can create many different recipes that should fire with similar qualities. The alternatve recipes will all be based on the one unity formula.

Making a Recipe - using the "Manual" Mode.

In this mode you can choose the order in which you "fill" each oxide.

Materials in the list that are considered a "primary" source of the chosen oxide are "starred".

In the event of an overload occurring a warning window is displayed with various options for dealing with the overload.

The Manual mode also provides an option for splitting the fill of an oxide between more than one material.

Entering a New Unity Formula

This function allows you to enter the oxide proportions for a new unity formula which can then be used as the basis for creating a new, or series of, recipes.

The Enter New Formula window will display a graph for entering/monitoring the proportions of Al2O3 and SiO2.

When entering flux oxides unity is calculated so that the proportions of flux oxides will total 1.

When you have entered the formula the OK button will take you back to the Formula to Recipe window. The formula is loaded in the formula panel ready for you to create a recipe.

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