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Matrix V6 - On the Cloud  


Matrix is Windows software so it will load successfully from Dropbox or other platforms that are cloud-related and can run Windows software.

You need to be aware that using software from the cloud will store your work in the cloud so that you will need to return to the cloud if you wish to return to saved work.

How to store Matrix in the Cloud.

If, after you have downloaded and installed Matrix, you wish to place the software into the cloud then it is simply a matter of copying the Matrix V6 folder to, say, Dropbox.

You can then run the software be double clicking on the (.exe) file.

If you run Matrix before you copy it to the cloud then you will need to locate and delete the (.opt) file. When you run Matrix from the cloud it will automatically create a (.opt) file so that all of the paths to recipes and materials is correct.

Matrix can then be run in the cloud by computers that have the necessary software to run Matrix. (i.e. in the case of Mac you will need to have installed Winebox or Parallels etc.) click here to see Matrix for Macs.

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