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Matrix V6 - Colourants  

The Colourants environment is designed to give you full control over the special database which lists colourant additions to base recipes.

In the Recipe to Formula and the Formula to Recipe environments this database is accessed by clicking the button. Colourants and colourant additions are list in the bottom of each recipe panel.

In the Colourants database you can store information about the colourant including:

  • name
  • entry date
  • chemical formula
  • the oxide entering the melt during firing
  • the molecular weight (this is important if you want a colourant to be included in a unity formula calculation.
  • cost per kilo
  • abbreviation
  • fired colour in reduction and oxidation
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You can also store a comment about the material.

The colouant database is stored in the Ram Materials folder.

Bentonite etc

Bentonite is not a "Colourant" but it is added to a recipe in small quantities to aid with suspension. This material does not change the base recipe chemistry significantly so it is included in the colourants database.

Zirconium Silicate (often known by its commercial name "Ultrox", "Zircopax", etc) is also a material that does not add colour. It is an opacifier as is tin oxide. These are added to a recipe but do not change the chemistry of the base glaze. They are also therefore included in the "colourants" listing.

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