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Displaying Two Recipes
Viewing two recipes is as simple as clicking on the R.2 arrow in the single recipe display
Activating each recipe panel is achieved by clicking the appropriate radio button in the recipe activation panel.

The image on the left is what you would see if the first recipe panel R.1 was active for operations.

In the Matrix window image below the second recipe panel is active..

With two recipes displayed comparison of both recipe materials and unity formulae is easy.

Interaction with the Formula to Recipe environment is provided with the button at the bottom of each panel. This button sends the focused recipe's formula to the Formula to Recipe environment with everything set up for you to create a glaze by selecting different materials.

Click here to see a three recipe display
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Double Recipe Display

Below each recipe panel there is a set of buttons:

If you have changed the recipe clicking this button will take you back to the original recipe
Similarly this button takes you back just one step.
This button is used if you want to round the recipe quantities.
After making changes to the recipe you may want to convert the quantities to total 100. This does not change the unity formula.
Use this to open a window for adjusting the quantities of a selected material in a displayed recipe.
Click the icon to see the window ...
Finally this button will send a copy of the recipe to the next recipe panel.

These useful functions are unique to each recipe panel.

Changes in one will not effect others.
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