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Matrix V6  
Matrix will give you a new vision of your glazes. The software will:

  • assist you to solve problems such as crazing, bloating, excessive running, pin-holing etc.
  • substitute unavailable materials while maintaining the same maturing temperature and qualities.
  • adjust the maturing temperature or shift a glaze from one texture to another.
  • create new glazes using your own locally available materials.
  • design your own glazes based on your knowledge of unity formula with the help if suggested oxide limits.
  • generate line, triaxial & quadraxial blends with a few mouse clicks.
  • store glazes and glaze images with search functions.

Matrix operates on all Windows platforms and will also function on Mac computers provided they are equipped with Windows and have software such as Parallels Desktop installed. Mac users may also use WineBottler or PlayOnMac software to run Matrix.

The screen shot below shows the main Matrix window in the Recipe to Formula mode. This mode optionally expands to display three glazes. The unity formula for each displayed glaze is shown on the left

The image below shows Matrix in its single recipe display mode.

Click here to see a two recipe display
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Single Recipe Display

Matrix in the Cloud

The software can also be operated in the cloud by simply copying the Matrix folder to e.g. Dropbox.

Matrix can be opened more than once on your screen to display up to 6 or more recipes for comparison.

Matrix has five work environments:

Each environment is unique and independant. You can click from one to another without interfering with operations in the previous environment. Links to these environments are located in the tabs below the information icons.

Click on the links below for more information about these work environment.

Recipe to Formula - the main working environment.
Formula to Recipe - for generating new glazes or manipulating existing ones from entered or imported unity formula.
Blends - where line, triaxial and quadraxial blends are generated from saved recipes. Currie Recipe Grids are a specialty here.
Raw Materials - for entering new or managing existing raw material databases.
Colourants - for managing colourant databases.


The Show Info Button :

In addition to expanding the main window to show 3 recipe panels Matrix will also expand the window downwards to include colourant oxides and other information that may be stored with each glaze.

The image below shows the single recipe panel window expanded downwards.

Expanded Unity Formula Panel

When the Show Info button is clicked the unity formula panel is expanded to include all of the colourants that might occur in the glaze. These oxides are shown in red. They are also shown in the appropriate group i.e. Flux, Amphoteric, or Acid.

When a glaze is saved in Matrix you have the opportunity to include additional information. This information is shown in the panel immediately below the recipe and colourants panels.

When the main window is expanded to show two or three recipe panels the Show Info button will expand to show colourant information on all multiple recipes.

Matrix Glaze Software
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