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Matrix is essentially a software package which will convert a glaze recipe into a Seger formula and which can reverse that process by allowing you to turn a Seger formula into a glaze recipe. Glaze or clay recipes expressed as Seger formulae may be intelligently compared and interpreted such that conclusions may be drawn about the nature of the glaze in it's fired state.

Matrix is also a generator of recipe databases - a storage system for glazes in which much more information than the recipe alone can be saved for later retrieval.

Matrix can produce line, triaxial and quadraxial blends of various sizes using glaze recipes specified by you as starting points. After generating the blend you can printout, and/or save to disc, a worksheet with all the information you need to create the blend in your glaze lab. You may also printout, and/or save to disc, a database of all the recipes in the new blend.

Matrix provides interactive databases of raw materials used in the making of glaze and clay recipes. These databases store information on the chemical analysis of each raw material which enables the subsequent analysis of the glaze recipes in which they are used.

Matrix has various other databases of information enabling you to make some sense of Seger formulae:

  • Coefficients of Expansion tables for the individual oxides which make up glazes, and
  • Limit Formulae tables which indicate upper and lower limits for constituent oxides in various temperature ranges, assist in the interpretation of Seger formulae.

Finally Matrix provides information on the behaviour and role of constituent oxides and colourants which make up glazes.

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