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Learn About Glaze  

Matrix V6

Most potters have little or no idea of what makes a glaze "tick". With Matrix you can learn:

  • why certain raw materials are chosen to make up a recipe
  • what happens to a recipe during the firing - how a mixture of materials turns into a glaze
  • how a glaze may be manipulated to change its fired qualities
  • how to deal with a recipe that contains materials that you cannot get
  • etc ...

In order to take "control" of your glazes you need two things:

  • a glaze software package
  • a rudimentary knowledge of the chemistry of glazes.

Matrix software has all you need to learn about glazes AND take control through the use of glaze calculation software such as Matrix V6. Matrix comes with a FREE copy of GlazeTeach which will instruct you on the basics of glaze chemistry.

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This is a simple-to-follow instruction course that assumes you know nothing about glazes and leads you through an interactive program of instruction.

You are given simple statements of information then questionsed to check your understanding.

GlazeTeach works on all computers in whatever browser you use. It is now fully available on this website.

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Glaze Technology Course.

If you want a deeper understanding of how glazes work while at the same time learn about how to use Matrix V6 to achieve your aims in the control of your glazes then enrol in the Glaze Technology Course.

There are 30 lessons that start from the beginning. Each lesson has activities and a questionaire to check your absorption of knowledge.

The course offers contact with its author who may assist you with your understanding of the concepts or with the fulfillment of activities.

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