How can blends be created from unity formula when experimenting for change to the texture and opacity of a glaze?

Unit 7 Topic 12
Using Unity Formula

Each corner glaze in a blend may be designed at a unity formula level. These unity formulae for the corners of the blend are then converted into recipes so that the full blend can be created.

Using unity formula to create corner recipes for blends gives full control over the nature and scope of the blend.

Matrix Glaze calculation Software is unique in it's capacity to generate blends from a unity formula starting point. Matrix is designed to make this kind of project as simple as possible.

An original recipe which you wish to vary may be converted into a unity formula. Changes may then be made to the formula in accordance with your vision of the new glaze which you are seeking.

The new formula(e) can then be converted back into recipes ready for test firing or for use as corner glazes for a blend.

The creation of the blend is then simply a matter of telling Matrix what kind of blend and what size blend you want. Matrix then generates:

  • a worksheet which you can use to weigh and mix the blend
  • a list of all the individual recipes in the blend
  • a list giving the unity formula for each individual recipe in the blend.

The process is easy and makes using blends much less time consuming.

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