Tin Oxide - SnO2

Acid Unit 6 Topic 17
Oxide Qualities

Strong opacifier - soft textures.


  • Considered the strongest opacifier in glazes.
  • Used in amounts from 1-10% preferably in low to medium temperatures.
  • Can act as a flux at high temperatures in the monoxide (stannous oxide - SnO) form.
  • Can be used as a reducing agent, added as 0.1% to a glaze for C.5 and above.
  • Increases viscosity particularly over 8%.


  • Stannic oxide (SnO2) the most common white form.
  • Stannous oxide (SnO) the black form.

Colour Response

  • An important ingredient in underglaze colours (yellow, pink, red, crimson).
  • Produces reds with chrome oxide.
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