Titanium Dioxide - Titania - TiO2

Unit 6 Topic 15
Oxide Qualities

Opacifier - develops crystals.


  • Similar in action to Silica.
  • Hardens the glaze making it more refractory with slight stiffening effect at low temperatures.
  • In amounts between 5-10% of a glaze opacity is pleasant with crystalline soft matt surfaces.
  • Has the power to transmute colour from the clay body beneath.
  • Lessens the solubility of lead in lead fritts.


  • Pure titania TiO2.
  • Rutile - natural titanium dioxide mineral with small amounts of iron (25%).

Colour Response

  • Intensifies colour in small amounts.
  • Moderate amounts (2-6%) breaks up the colour by mottling.
  • Large amounts tend to subdue colour giving interesting sparkles.
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