How is a unity formula converted into a recipe?

Unit 4 Topic 14
The Unity Formula

The Formula-to-Recipe process involves the selection of a series of raw materials each of which provides some of the oxides listed in the unity formula. The recipe quantities are calculated using the values for each of the oxides in the glaze unity formula.

This essentially is the reverse of the calculation process used in the Recipe-to-Formula process.

The process involves sensible selections of raw materials on the basis of your knowledge of the oxide content of the material.... a knowledge of raw materials is very important.

When a recipe is created from a unity formula it's raw materials and quantities may depending on the choices made. (see Unit 4 Topic 8). A variety of recipes may be created each of which is a reflection of the original recipe's unity formula.

When fired each recipe may be subtly different due to the other factors influencing glaze quality already mentioned (see Unit 4 Topic 9). Essentially though they will be similar if such variables are kept to a minimum.

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