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Glaze Teach is a free, self paced, instructional resource which aims to help you to come to grips with the basic principles of ceramic glaze technology.

The course was originally written for the students in the Ceramics Department at the School of Art, Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am grateful for their feedback and the assistance they gave in the development stages and later when using the tutorial

It is designed primarily for beginners who have little background in formal chemistry and aims to equip you with sufficient knowledge to tackle the task of understanding what makes your glazes tick.

Our objective is to enable you to take control of your glazes and to experiment intelligently with them in order for you to make them do what you want them to do.

GlazeTeach covers only the basic principles of glaze chemistry. When you have completed this course you may be interested in the more extensive Glaze Technology course. This course uses Matrix as a teaching tool.

GlazeTeach course of instruction

This is divided into Study Units each one covering a particuar area of glaze theory.

Each study units is introduced with a page which lists and numbers the topics covered in that unit. Each topic in the list is linked the the relevant page so that you can go directly to any topic if you wish.

You can move progressively through the course, from one study page to another, by clicking on the arrow buttons on the page.

Checking your progress

When you have studied the topics and reached the end of each study unit, a series of pages will appear designed to test your knowledge of the topics covered in that study unit.

On each page a question is asked and four answers are offered. You must select the correct answer by clicking its button.

If your choice is correct you will move to the next question page in the series. If you choose the wrong answer GLAZE TEACH will reopen the study page relating to that question.

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