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Viewing Raw Material Information
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During the entering or changing of a recipe in Recipe to Formula it is sometimes useful to view the unity formula for the raw materials we are working with.

This information can be accessed in a number of ways.

Material Analysis in the Material Selection Dialog

When the Materials selection dialog opens you can view the analysis for any highlighted material in the list by clicking on the Display Mat. Formula button. See Fig.1

Fig.1 Displaying material information in the Materials Selection window.

As you work through the list using the Up-Down arrows on your keyboard or the mouse, the formula changes accordingly.

Opening a Material Information window for the highlighted material in the recipe

More information about a particular material in the recipe can be obtained by right clicking on the material and selecting the Show Material Info item in the popup menu.(Fig.2)

Fig.2 Getting specific material information.

The formula window which opens provides further access to the selected materials data as well as a button which opens the Recipe Calculation Chart.

The Raw Materials Chart

When hunting for another material you can view the contents of a raw material database by open the Raw Materials Chart (Fig.4)

Fig.3 Opening the Raw Materials Chart

The Raw Materials Chart is opened by selecting the Raw Materials Chart item on the View Menu.

Alternativel you can use the F6 shortcut key.

This chart is particularly useful when you are wanting to compare the materials within the same database.

Fig.3 The Raw Materials Chart showing the current database

This chart can display material information in a number of ways which make comparing materials very easy.

The Raw Materials Environment

Finally at any time you can move over to the Raw Materials environment by clicking on that tab. After getting whatever information you want from that environment you can click back to the Recipe to Formula environment where things will be just as you left them.

This option is really useful if you want to hunt through other databases looking for materials or if you want to enter a new material which you want to use in the recipe you are working with back in Recipe to Formula.

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