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Save a Recipe as an Individual File
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After entering a recipe you may save the recipe as an individual file by clicking on the Save As button but first make sure you have the temperature set to the correct cone and the firing atmosphere set for either oxidation or reduction.

Fig.1 Preparing to save a recipe

Recipes can be saved as either individual files or they can be saved into a collection of recipes called a recipe database.

Click the Save As button to save the recipe as an individual file for the first time.

If you loaded the recipe from disc an individual file for the recipe already exists so you can make whatever changes you want then save it again by clicking the Save button.

Individual files should be saved in the Individual Recipes folder.



If you have further information about the quality of the glaze which you are saving you may open a dialog for registering that information by clicking the Show Recipe Info button.

Fig.2 Saving additional information with the recipe

This dialog has several drop=down menus for selecting the qualities which best describe your glaze.

Clicking the Get Date button will automatically place the current date in the Date textbox.

The Attach Glaze Image button opens a file selector for you to locate the image you have prepared for attaching to the recipe. More ...


The text box allows you to save a note up to 250 characters which becomes part of the recipe file. If you want to develop more extensive note over a period of time perhaps, the button opens a simple text editor (Fig.3) into which you can enter unlimited data.

You can attach the text information to the recipe you are saving by selecting the menu as shown in Fig.3.

When you load this recipe in the future you can access this text file for editing by clicking on the button in the recipe info dialog.

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