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Save a Recipe to a Database
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After entering a recipe you may save the recipe to a recipe database which is a collection of up to 100 recipes.

The accumulation of recipes in a database may be random or may have some other logic such as recipes which mature at a particular temperature or recipes which have particular similar qualities. The may be recipes associated with a particular person say in a school situation or they may be recipes representing a sequence of changes to a starting point recipe.

Recipe databases are useful because they can be searched by Matrix using recipe names or the qualities entered in the Recipe Info dialog when the recipe was saved.

Fig.1 Preparing to save a recipe to a recipe database

When you are ready to save your recipe to a database click the
   Save > DB button

This will open the dialog shown in Fig.2

Recipe Databases should all be located in the Recipe Databases folder.



If you have further information about the quality of the glaze which you are saving you may open a dialog for registering that information by clicking the Show Recipe Info button.

Fig.2 The dialog for saving to a recipe database


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