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Structure of a Recipe File
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After a recipe has been entered or loaded from disc into the R.1 panel or the R.2 panel it may be saved to disc as an individual file or to a recipe database.

Individual Recipe Files

An individual recipe file is a single recipe with no links to other recipes on your disc. The size of an individual recipe file is around 12 kilobytes. The individual recipe file is a useful format for saving new recipes which may not yet be tested and which you may wish to make changes to. It is an easy file to transport via email to another Matrix user. It is also easy to reorganise individual recipe files in folders inside your Individual Recipe Files folder.

The contents of an individual recipe file is as follows:

  • recipe name
  • up to 14 materials with quantities
  • up to 5 colourants and quantities
  • the temperature and cone for the glaze (reads the temperature setting and units in the Matrix window)
  • unity formula values
  • qualities - opacity, texture, stability, fit, firing details, status, colour
  • date
  • clay body on which glaze was tested
  • comment [250 characters]
  • Text File Path for locating an attached document
  • Image File Path for locating an attached glaze picture
  • Coefficient of Expansion
  • Surface Tension
  • Al2O3 : SiO2 ratio

Recipe Databases

A recipe database is nothing more than a collection of individual recipe files packed together into one file. A recipe database can hold up to 100 recipes. Each recipe in the database contains the same content information as a single recipe file. The advantage of saving recipes into a databases is that you can collect similar recipes together and Matrix will allow you to search for recipes with particular qualities within the database.

Locating recipes in a database is easier in many ways because the list of recipes is displayed in a single dialog which also displays a recipes' formulae and any images which are attached to the recipes.

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