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Saving a Glaze Picture
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If you have created a digital image of the glaze you are saving to disc, the file name of this image may be linked to the recipe file so that when the recipe is displayed, or when its name appears in a recipe database list, it's image can be displayed.

Glaze Picture files may only be attached to an individual recipe file or a recipe in a database after the recipe has been saved to disc. When Matrix attaches a glaze picture to a recipe file it saves a copy of the original image of glaze placing it in the same folder as the individual recipe file or the recipe database file. The original image of the glaze, which could be anywhere on your system or on a floppy disc, remains where it is and is no longer needed by Matrix.

Attaching the Glaze Picture to the Recipe File

When you have saved the recipe click the button located on the tool bar.

Fig.1 Attaching a glaze picture to a recipe file.

The glaze picture window appears (Fig.1). You must now tell Matrix where to find the glaze image you wish to save with the recipe file.

Click Attach Picture button.

This opens a Windows file dialog (Fig.2) for you to locate and open the glaze image file which you have previously create.

The glaze picture you will attach and save with the recipe must have been previously created and processed before proceeding with the process described here.

This would normally be done in an image processing application such as Photoshop.

Fig.2 Selecting the picture to be attached.

The glaze image should now appear in the Glaze Picture window and a thumbnail should appear in the thumbnail panel.

Ckick the OK button in the information dialog.


The final step is to save the recipe using the Save button or the Save > DB button and the image will be attached to the recipe and saved in the same folder where the recipe file is located.

This process may also be completed in the Recipe Information window.

Whenever this recipe is loaded into Matrix in future the glaze image will appear in the thumbnail panel and can be viewed in other places where a glaze picture panel occurs.

If for some reason the recipe file and the recipe's picture becomes seperated e.g. if the recipe or picture are shifted to another location then a warning dialog will invite you to relocate the image and reattach it to the recipe.

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