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Load a Database Recipe
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Recipes saved in a recipe database file may be retrieved into an active recipe panel by clicking on the button in the Recipe to Formula environment.

This opens the Recipe Database Selection dialog (Fig.1) displaying the contents of the default recipe database (in this case Otago Poly Glazes). Double click on the recipe you wish to load and it will be displayed in the active recipe panel.

Before committing to loading the recipe you can scroll through the recipes in the list looking at their images (if they have had one attached) or viewing the recipe and formula for the highlighted glaze.

Fig.1 The Recipe Selection Dialog

Fig.2 Displaying a formula in the Recipe Selection Dialog

This is the formula display available in the Load Recipe Database dialog.

To display Kelvins Teadust formula stored in the database I clicked the Show Formula Only button.

Matrix is not recalculating the recipe to obtain this formula. It is displaying the formula which was generated and saved when Kelvins Teadust was last worked with in Matrix.

Fig 3 shows both formula and recipe for the highlighted glaze.

Fig.3 Displaying both formulaand recipe in the Recipe Selection Dialog

Loading Another Recipe Database

So far we have shown various options for the default recipe database list. If you want to access another recipe database list then click the Show Database List button. This adds another panel on the left of the selection dialog (Fig.4) Click on a recipe database name to load its contents in the glaze names list.

Fig.4 Loading another recipe database

If you happen to have recipe databases saved in a location other than the recommended folder then click the Change Database Folder button to access them.

It is recommended that all recipe databases be stored in the Recipe Databases folder.

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