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Formula Displays in Recipe to Formula
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As materials and quantities are entered into a recipe panel Matrix automatically generates a unity formula which is displayed in the far left formula column.

The second formula column will either display the % weight analysis for the displayed recipe or, if a recipe occupies the R.2 recipe panel, a second unity formula for the R.2 recipe.

If the icon is visible above the formula column then the R.1 recipe panel is active and the data in the column originates from R.1 recipe panel.
If the icon is visible then there is a recipe in the R.2 recipe panel and it is active. The formula data then relates to the recipe in the R.2 panel.

Matrix will only include colourants in the formulae it generates if you tell it to by clicking the Calc. Colourants button. When this is checked a small window opens to display formula values for the colourants.(Fig.2)

Fig.1 Preparing to save a recipe to a recipe database

Fig.2 Colourant Formula Window

refers to R.1 data

refers to R.2 data



Next to some of the formula symbols for the oxides to the left of the unity formula panel you may see an asterisk. This indicates that oxide is included in the calculation of unity for the formula. In Fig.1 the flux group of oxides have been set for unity. You will also see asterisks beside the oxide symbols in the colourants window. More ...

Setting the decimal place accuracy for formula calculations

The default setting for decimal place accuracy in formula calculations is 3. You may change this to 2 or 4 by selecting the Set Decimal Places item in the Matrix menu.

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