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Entering a New Recipe
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A new recipe may be entered into the R.1 panel or the R.2 panel depending on which may be active.

Entering Materials in the Base Recipe

Materials for the recipe are accessed from the raw materials databases in the Raw Materials folder.

Fig.1 Entering a new recipe into the R.1 panel

The list of materials in a database is displayed in the Raw Materials Selection dialog. This dialog is opened by either:

  • clicking on the button
  • double clicking on the position in the recipe panel where the material is to go
  • right clicking with the mouse positioned anywhere over the recipe panel and selecting the Get Material item in the popup menu.

These actions open the Raw Materials Selection window (Fig.2)

The initial database listed is always the Local Materials database.

Other databses can be accessed and listed in this window.


Fig.2 The Materials Selection Dialog

Fig.3 Accessing other raw materials databases

Although the materials selection window initially opens displaying the materials in the Local Materials database you can list the materials in any other raw materials database in the Raw Materials folder.

You can place a material into a recipe from any database in the Raw Materials folder.

When Matrix loads a recipe which has been previously saved it hunts through all of the materials databases for the name of each the material in the recipe so that it can get material data for calculating the unity formula.

When you have selected all of the materials for the recipe they will be listed in the active recipe panel.

The next step is to enter the quantity values for each material. As this is done Matrix progressively calculates the unity formula, coefficient of expansion, surface tension and the Al2O3:SiO2 ratio.

Entering Colourants

Click on the button to open a window which lists the colourants in your Colourants database. This window functions in the same way as the materials window described above.

Removing a Material or a Colourant

Click on the material you want to remove then click on either the button or the to remove the material or colourant. This action can also be achieved by right clicking on the material the selecting the Remove Material item in the popup menu.

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