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Monitoring Calculations on a Chart
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As changes are made to a recipe in Recipe to Formula you may monitor these changes in terms of the materials and the oxides each contribute to the recipe's formula by opening the Recipe Calculation Chart

Opening the Recipe Calculation Chart

Load or enter the recipe you wish to work with then select the View Calculation Record item on the Recipe to Formula menu.

Fig.1 Opening the Recipe Calculations Chart from the Recipe to Formula menu.

The chart which opens from this menu item is shown in Fig.2

Initially the chart shows the way in which each material in the recipe has contributed to the oxides in the formula.

This chart (Fig.2) responds immediately to any changes which are made in the recipe panels.

The chart itself is not interactive.

If you are uncertain about which materials contribute which oxides then this chart provides a very useful summary.

Fig.2 The Recipe Calculations Chart showing the calculation record for Cone !0 Glaze

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