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Creating Batch Recipes and Calculating Costs
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When a recipe has been loaded to a recipe panel a batch recipe may be created and the cost of that recipe calculated provided that all of the materials in the recipe have been entered into the recipe database with cost per kilo information added.

A batch recipe is a recipe in which the total weight of the recipe is more than the standard 100 gram test recipe i.e. a quantity which you might want to mix to fill a 10 litre bucket or more.

To create a batch recipe first load or enter the recipe into a recipe panel in the Recipe to Formula environment.

Next select the Recipe to Formula menu item shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 Opening the Batch Size and Costs Window

Calculating the cost of a recipe is dependent on the cost per kilo data which may be stored with a material.

This data for each material can be updated by going into the Materials environment and Editing the material after selecting it from the material list.

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Fig.1 The Batch Size and Costs Window

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