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Searching for Recipes in a Recipe Database
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The in the Recipe to Formula environment opens the Recipe Search window shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 The Recipe Search Dialogue

This window displays the complete data for the selected recipe which can be from a database (Fig.1) or can be an individual recipe file. The comment panel is active allowing the entering or editing of comments for the recipe.

Two search functions are active if the current display is from a recipe database.

Reducing and Expanding the Recipe Search Window

Fig.2 Reduced Recipe Search Window

The Recipe Search window (Fig.1) can be used to view recipes in an environment independent from the main Matrix window.

You may wish to display a recipe from a different database than the current database active in the main Matrix window.

In such cases you can choose to view the recipe only so that the window does not interfere with you main Matrix window display.

Fig.1 above shows the fully expanded window.

To reduce the size of the Recipe Search window click the left hand arrow on the button (see Fig.2)

Searching for a Recipe by Name

Locating a recipe in a database containing up to 100 recipes is made easier by the function which allows you to Find by Name. Click the Find by Name button to open the dialog shown in Fig.3

Fig.3 The Find by Name dialogue

Type in all or part of the name of a recipe you wish to locate in the recipe database.

Click either the exact match or the contains button depending on the accuracy of your recipe name information.

Click the Find button.

In this example I have entered the word pink and clicked the Find name which contains ... button. The result of the search is loaded into the recipe list as shown in Fig.4.

Fig.4 Results of the search recipe by name.

Searching for a Recipe by Qualities

Matrix will go through a recipe database filtering out recipes that do not conform to search criteria based on the information stored with the recipe.

To initiate this kind of search click the Find by Quality button to open the dialog shown in Fig.5

Fig.5 The Find Recipe by Quality dialog

There is a drop down menu combo box for each of the qualities that can be saved with a recipe.

If the selection is the word Exclude then that quality will be ignored. Matrix.

The search criteria set in Fig.4 is C.6 i.e we are asking Matrix to filter out any recipes that are not C.6.

Click the Find button when you have set the search criteria.

Saving the Results of a Recipe Search

After conducting a search for recipes of particular qualities you may wish to save the collection as a seperate database.

With the results of a search in the recipe list panel click the Save Found Recipes button. This opens the Windows file selection dialog in the Recipe Databases folder.

Enter a name which describes you collection of recipes and click the Save button.

NOTE: Always save you new database in the same folder as the database from which the recipes were searched. This will ensure that the images associated with the recipes will be located and displayed by Matrix when the new databases is loaded.

Returning to the Source Database After a Recipe Search

To reload the original list of recipes after a search click the button below the recipe list panel.

Loading an Individual Recipe File

To load an individual recipe file click the button below the recipe list panel. The Windows File Selection dialog will open in the Individual Recipes folder where you can select the recipe you wish to load.

Sending a Recipe to the Main Matrix Window

This button sends the displayed recipe in the Recipe Search window to the Recipe to Formula environment in the main Matrix window.
This button sends the displayed recipe in the Recipe Search window to the Formula to Recipe environment in the main Matrix window.

Viewing a Displayed Recipe on Limits Graphs

This button opens the Al:Si Graph and registers the Al2O3 and SiO2 formula values for the displayed recipe.
This button opens the Limits Graph and registers the all formula values for the displayed recipe.

These graphs are sensitive to both the main Matrix window display and the Recipe Search window recipe. Clicking in these windows will change the display in the graph windows.

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