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Recipe Database Limits Graphs
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The unity formula values for each recipe in a recipe database may be displayed symultaneously on an enlarged limits graph. This graph has additional features including the capacity to:

  • generate a set of limits based on the upper and lower unity formula values present overall in the recipe database. This feature would for example enable you to collect many glazes of a particular type and determine whether there is a destiguishable range to the unity formula values which would make the creation of a special set of useful indicative limits for that glaze type.

  • load a particular glaze by clicking on the graph.

Fig.1 Opening the Recipe Database Limits Graph

To open this specialized limits graph select the menu item shown in Fig.1

The window (Fig.2) will open and automatically display the default recipe databases which is set in the Preferences window.

Each dot on the graph represents a value for one of the recipes in the database.

To identify values for a particular recipe in the database click on one of the dots in the Al2O3 row.

Matrix will show the unity formula for that glaze using a symbol and the name of the glaze appears in the Selected Glaze textbox

In Fig.2 the unity formula for "Thompson Glaze" is identified.

Fig.2 The Recipe Database Limits Graph with the Otago Poly Glazes.rdb database displayed.

The selected glaze (Fig.2) may be displayed in a Recipe Search window (Fig.3) by clicking the Display Glaze button. If this window is left open the display will change as each recipe is selected in the the Al2O3 row in Fig.2.

Fig.3 The Recipe Search window displays the glaze selected in Fig.2

Generating New Limit Formula Based on Like glazes

The Recipe Database Limits Graph is primarily designed to enable you to research the range of unity formula values present in a group of glazes which have like qualities. For example if you are researching copper red glazes and are looking for evidence that these glaze conform to a particular range of any particular oxides in their unity formulae then this graph will reveal those patterns and will allow you to create a new set of limits which may be used for identifying the "Copper Red" potential of a glaze. More ...

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