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Recipe Databases - Overview
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A recipe database is a collection of up to 100 recipes. Any number of recipe databases may be created for whatever reason you would like to collect recipes together in one file.

Advantages Associated with Using Recipe Database to Store Recipes

When recipes are collected together in one file they are very accessible. There names can be listed in a dialog together with their images, recipe and formulae. This makes the location and loading of a particular recipe very easy. Fig.1 shows the dialog for loading a recipe from a database into the Recipe to Formula environment. The dialog is expanded to show both formula and recipe for the highlighted recipe in the list.

The dialog shown in Fig.1 may be opened by clicking the button in either the Recipe to Formula or the Formula to Recipe environments.

Fig.1 Loading a recipe from a database

When recipes are collected into a database the database may be searched for recipes of particular qualities. New lists are generated which may be saved as new databases - essentiall subsets of the original source database.

A new dialog is provided for this purpose in which the complete information stored for a recipe may be displayed in a window independent from the main Matrix window.

Fig.2 The Recipe Search Window displays full information about recipes in a database or individual files.

Recipes displayed in this dialog (Fig.2) may be "sent" to either environments in the main Matrix window. More ..

Information Stored in a Recipe Database

The following information is stored for each recipe in a recipe database:

  • recipe name
  • up to 14 materials with quantities
  • up to 5 colourants and quantities
  • the temperature and cone for the glaze (reads the temperature setting and units in the Matrix window)
  • unity formula values
  • qualities - opacity, texture, stability, fit, firing details, status, colour
  • date
  • clay body on which glaze was tested
  • comment [250 characters]
  • Text File Path for locating an attached document
  • Image File Path for locating an attached glaze picture
  • Coefficient of Expansion
  • Surface Tension
  • Al2O3 : SiO2 ratio


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