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Viewing Database Recipes in a Chart or Table
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If you wish to compare recipes on the basis of their unity formula then you may do this by loading a database into the Database Recipes Chart window.

Viewing Recipe Formulae in a Database Table

To open the Recipes Database Table window

  • select the Recipe Database Chart ... item on the View Menu

This options open the window shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 The Recipes Database Chart window.

The database displayed will be the current database. In our example this is the Otago Poly Glazes.rdb database. If you have a large monitor or are set to a high resolution you can expand this window to fill the screen.

The row underneath the oxide labels is reserved for freezing a selected recipe so that the table can be scrolled and recipes can be compare with the frozen recipe.

In Fig.1 I have frozen Sandy & Jolls Clear by clicking on its name in the left column of names.

The database can be changed by clicking the Change Database button.

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