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Making a New Empty Materials Database
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At some time you will need to create a new empty materials database. The maximum number of materials that can be stored in a database is 100. Perhaps you eventually fill the Feldspars A-Z. rmt file and need to create a new one or perhaps you want to create a special database which contains copies of materials selected from other databases (GB_Subs.rmt is an example of such a file).

Creating a New Materials Database

In the Raw Materials environment select one of the options shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 Initiating the the creation of a new materials database.

The Windows File Selection dialog appears (Fig.2)

If the dialog does not open in the Raw Materials folder navigate back to that folder.

Matrix places a default name for the new database New.rmt in the File Name text box and highlights it.

Type in the name you want to have for your new database then click the Open button.

A window will open confirming that you have created the new database. Fig.3


Entering the Name of the New Database

Fig.2 Changing the data for aPretend Feldspar in the Edit Raw Materials window.

Database Creation is Confrmed

Fig.3 Confirming that the new database has been created.


The new database can now be used for storing new materials or for copying materials from other databases.

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