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Viewing Database Materials in a Chart or Table
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The comparison of raw materials is a fundamental need when working with recipes particularly when you may wish to find a substitute material.

There are two displays which can assist you to find and compare materials.

  • the Find / Compare Materials window More ...
  • the Materials Database Table window.

Viewing Materials in a Database Table

To open the Database Table window

  • click the Show Chart button in the Raw Materials environment Material Database panel or
  • select the Raw Materials Chart ... item on the View Menu

This options open the window shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 The Raw Materials Database Chart window.

The database displayed will be the current database. In our example this is the Local Materials.rmt Database. If you have a large monitor or are set to a high resolution you can expand this window to fill the screen.

The row underneath the oxide labels is reserved for freezing a selected material so that the table can be scrolled and materials can be compare with the frozen material.

In Fig.1 I have frozen Neph.Sye.P3332 by clicking on its name in the left column of names.

The filter combo boxes will change the display in accordance with the selection(s) made. It is best to experiment with various setting to see what can be done.

The database can be changed by clicking the Database button.

Printing Database Charts.

Printing from this window is the only way to obtain a printout of a complete database.

If you like to view the contents of your databases on paper then go into this window and change the databases printing out each one. This way you can obtain a full list on paper of every raw material database in you Raw Materials folder.

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