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Changing an Existing Material's Data
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To changing the data for a raw material in a database you would follow the same steps as outlined in Entering a New Material Into a Database

The process initially requires you to identify the material to be changed. This is done by loading the database containing the material and highlighting the material before initiating the process of changing the data. (Fig.1)

Changing the Data for "Pretend Feldspar"

To change the data already entered for Pretend Feldspar:

  • load the Feldspars A-Z.rmt file using the Change button in the Material Database panel.
  • click on Pretend Feldspar in the materials list to highlight it
  • click the Edit button in the Raw Materials environment or select the Edit Displayed Material... menu item in the Raw Materials menu. Fig.1

Fig.1 Initiating the changing of a materials data

The Edit Raw Materials window appears with the data for Pretend Feldspar loaded from the database. (Fig.2)


Changing the % Weight Analysis Data

Fig.2 Changing the data for aPretend Feldspar in the Edit Raw Materials window.

Click in any of the text boxes and chage the entries.

Change any comobo boxe selections.

Click the Next button when you have completed the changes you want to make.

The process now continues through the various windows in the same manner as when entering a new material until you reach the point where you are ready to finally save the changed data.

Saving the Material in a Raw Material Database

The Pretend Feldspar material which we are entering is already present in the Feldspars.rmt database.

Make sure that Matrix has detected the material in the list and highlighted the name. It should also have activated the Replace Existing Material radio button.

Fig.3 The Save Material in Database window.

You can now click the Save button to complete the process saving the changed "Pretend Feldspar" data in the Feldspars A-Z.rmt file.

If this material is also in your Local Materials file then you should next replace the old Pretend Feldspar data with the new changed data

Click here for an explanation of this process.

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