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When Matrix is booted it looks for a file called Matrix Options.opt in which is stored data Matrix needs to find (establish paths) to files it use.

The Matrix Options.opt file contains the following data:

  • Matrix version number
  • Owner's Name
  • Names and Disc locations (paths) of:
    • Matrix Options file (.opt)
    • the default Recipe Database (Local Materials.rmt)
    • the default Raw Materials database (Otago Poly Glazes.rmt)
    • Matrix Help System
    • the default Limits file (Matrix.lim)
    • the default Expansions file (Winkelmann_Schott.exp)
    • the default Colourants database (Colourant.col)
  • Instructions as to whether to initially open in the Recipe to Formula or the Formula to Recipe environment
  • Instructions setting the default:
    • temperature and cone
    • temperature units
    • ramp (firing rate determining the temperature scale for large Orton cones

When Matrix is booted for the first time it creates its initial Matrix Options.opt file inside the Matrix folder where ever you installed it.

Matrix has a certain set of default files and paths which it will initially use but from that point on you may change these setting.

Changing Default Settings in the Matrix Options.opt File

You can view the default settings for these files and paths by selecting the Options (Preferences) item in the Matrix menu.

Each set of files is kept in a particular folder in the Matrix folder on you hard drive.

Database File Paths

  • Options File

    This default file is Matrix Options.opt. It sits outside of other folders in your Matrix folder. Each time Matrix is booted it will look for this file. If it cannot find it it will create a new one with setting permanently stored in Matrix. This file name and location is best left alone.

  • Recipe Databases

    Matrix comes with a Recipe Database called Otago Poly Glazes.rdb. As soon as you have started storing glazes in a databases of your own you will want to change this default settign to point to your own database. Recipe databases should always be stored in the Recipe Databases folder.

  • Materials Database

    The default raw material file is Local Materials.rmt. This file is a collection of materials copied into it from other material databases in the Raw Materials folder. It is convenient to have your own set of materials copied into this database and for it to be kept as the default file when looking for a material to add to a recipe. More ..

  • Colourants Database

    The default raw material file is Colourants.col. Matrix comes with a small colourants file which has the capacity to hold up to 100 individual colourants. It is unlikely that you would fill this file. You can safely leave this as your default file in this catagory.


Temperature Options Firing Options and Default Initial Environment

These setting will determine the initial setting which determine displays in limits graphs and colourant calculations.

Select temperature or cone to establish the limits data which Matrix should use on opening.

The firing ramp is needed for displays involving Large Orton cones which is the default cone type used by Matrix. Most studio pottery kilns would increase temperature (ramp) at about 60 deg. per hour.

The default temperature unit is Celsius but you may change that so that Matrix uses Fahrenheit.

The choice you make in the Open at ... combo box determines whether Matrix will open in the Recipe to Formula of the Formula to Recipe environment.

The Firing Atmosphere Panel contains a combo box for choosing the Firing atmosphere setting in the Recipe to Formula and the Formula to Recipe environments. This setting determines how Matrix will treat the calculation of some colourants.

Help File Path

In Matrix V5 the Help system has been changed from previous versions. It is now HTML based the files for which are all located in the Help folder.

Paths to this system are not optional.

Limit File Path

Limit files are kept in the Limits folder. You may choose the limits you would like to have loaded when Matrix is booted. Matrix comes with the file Matrix.lim as the default limits file.

Coefficient of Expansion File Path

Expansion coefficient files are kept in the Expansions folder. You will find a selection there any of which may be set as your default file. The default file used by Matrix has been set to Winkelmann_Schott.exp.

Saving Default Settings

When you have made all of the changes you wish to make click the Save button.

Using the Changes for the Current Session Only

If you wish to make changes to use only for the current session in Matrix you can click the Use But Dont Save button. When Matrix boots again it will return to the default preferences last saved.

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