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Using the Help System
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The Matrix Help System is context sensitive and can give you assistance at any stage of your use of the application. The system is HTML based which means that information is displayed in your web browser.

Getting round the Help Pages.

The Help System files are organised on a Chapter and Topic basis. At the top of each page there is a drop down menu for the Chapters and the Topics. Select the Chapter and the fist topic of that chapter will be displayed. The list of topics for that chapter will also be loaded into the Topics menu.

On the right at the top of each page the icon is linked to the Contents page.

The arrow buttons at the top of each page will take you back and forth through the Help System on a page by page basis.

Accessessing Help from Within Matrix

At any time while using Matrix you may open the help window by:

  • selecting the Contents item in the Help menu. Matrix will open a page listing the contents of the Help System. Each item in the list is a link to the appropriate page.
  • clicking a button which may occur in the numerous windows which Matrix uses. In such cases the help system will display information related to the currently activated window.
  • clicking on the button in the tool bar. Matrix will detect the environment in which you are working and display information relating to that environment.

Activating the "Hints" Facility

Each button in Matrix has a "hint" attached. When the the hints facility is activated a small yellow window appears for a few seconds when the mouse pauses over buttons. The small window contains some text which briefly describes the purpose of the button or control.

The hints facility is switched on by default. You can switch this off by select the Show Hints item on the Matrix | menu. You may deactivate hints by selecting the menu item once again.

The Button Reference Window

Fig.1 The Button Reference Window

The button reference window is designed to give you more immediate information about buttons in the main Matrix window.

This window is opened by selecting the Button Reference (F2) item in the Help menu.

When this window is open the button on the screen cease to behave normally. Instead when they are click some information about the button's function will appear in the Button Reference window.

Close or Exit the window to return button functions to normal.

Fig.1 Using the Button Reference Window


Glaze Teach is a free, self paced, instructional resource which aims to help you to come to grips with the basic principles of ceramic glaze technology.

It is designed primarily for beginners who have little background in formal chemistry and aims to equip the student with sufficient knowledge to tackle the task of understanding what makes your glazes tick.

GlazeTeach is supplied with Matrix and is installed with the software. When Matrix is running you may activate the program by selecting the GlazeTeach item in the Help menu.

Matrix On-line Glaze Course

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For students enroling in this course a free complimentary copy of Matrix is included.

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  • access to firing facilities?
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