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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Local Materials
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Raw Materials data is the basis of all calculations done by Matrix. When a recipe is entered into the Recipe To Formula environment Matrix uses stored data on each of the materials in the recipe to calculate a Seger (Unity) formula for the recipe.

Matrix comes with data for over 700 raw materials. This data is stored in numerous databases each of which is stored in the Raw Materials folder. The file extension for raw material databases is (.rmt)

A recipe's unity formula enables the glaze to be assessed for various qualities against information based on limit formulae tables for the proposed firing temperature.

Setting Up Your Local Materials Database

An important first task is to go through the various raw material databases and pick out the materials which you commonly use in your studio or workshop. These materials are copied into a special database called Local Materials making them easily accessible so that you do not have to hunt through many lists to find the material you want when entering a recipe.

When you install Matrix you will find a Local Materials database in your Raw Materials folder. You can delete the materials you do not want and add materials you would like to have in this database. This will make the file personal to your needs. More...

Setting Up Your Auto Materials Database

The other special database of materials used by Matrix is the Auto Materials database. The materials in this databases are a sub-set of your Local Materials. This file is used exclusively for attempting the creation of a recipe from a formula with one click of a button. More...

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