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Additional Interactive Displays
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In addition to the 5 working environments other windows may be displayed in which the user can access and manipulate data or change displays.

Coefficients of Expansion
Matrix provides various sets of oxide expansion factors for calculating the expansion of a glaze. These factors may be viewed numerically and graphically in a window which also provides for changes to be made to existing sets of factors or for new sets to be entered and saved to disc.


Limit Formulae
Various commonly used sets of limit formulae may be loaded and used in Matrix limit formulae displays. These sets of limit formulae may be displayed in an interactive window where they may be edited. New sets of limit formulae may be developed for special purposes and saved to disc from this window. More...

Recipe Information
When saving a recipe to disc descriptive information may be entered and saved with the recipe and its formula. This information may later be used when searching recipe databases to locate glazes which have particular qualities or common firing ranges. More...

Finding / Comparing Raw Materials
Material substitution is a common task in dealing with glaze problems. Matrix provides a window in which a near match for a particular raw material may be located in raw material databases on disc. More...

Unity Oxides
When Matrix performs any Seger formula calculations it automatically unifies the formula on a particular set of oxides. The default "Unity Group" is the flux oxides (the RO,R2O).

Some glaze limit tables treat Boron as a flux including B2O3 in the flux group. (e.g. Green & Cooper Limits). When dealing with clay formula the convention is to unify the Seger formula on Al2O3.

Matrix provides a window in which you may choose the oxides which you wish to have unified in formula calculations. More...

Options (Preferences)
Matrix uses various databases when performing calculations or displaying information. An "Matrix Options" file stores the settings and databases you wish Matrix to use when opened.

These default settings may be changed in the Default Options (Preferences) window. More...


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