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Graphic Displays
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Wherever possible Matrix provides information in graphic form making comparisons and interpretation easier.

Limits Graphs
Limits for Seger formulae can be displayed on two types of graphs. The particular Seger values for a displayed recipes can be displayed on those graphs which are automatically updated as changes are made to the displayed recipe or formula. More...

Glaze Pictures
Glaze pictures previously scanned from photographs or generated with a digital camera can be displayed once those pictures have been "attached" to the recipe file. The pictures can be displayed in file dialogs or in a seperate window and make location of particular glazes very easy. More...

Expansion and Surface Tension Factors
Factors used to calculate the expansion or surface tension of a glaze can be displayed in graphical form. This leads to a greater understanding of how changes to a Seger formula may impact on its coefficient of expansion or surface tension. More ...


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