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Eutectics on the % Analysis Triaxial Graph
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The eutectic patterns of some of the flux oxides involved in a glaze melt can be displayed on the % Analysis Triaxial Graph.

These patterns have been taken directly from Fig. 3 in the Hewitt & Bailey article Ceramic Review #99 - 1986.

At the top right of the triaxial graph window is a panel of check boxes.

The eutectic pattern for these oxides may be displayed on the graph by clicking on the appropriate box. Clicking on the box again will remove the pattern from the graph. (Fig.1)

  Fig.1 Oxide Eutectics Displayed on the % Molecular Parts Triaxial Graph - Half Mode

The oxides' eutectic patterns are colour coded to differentiate them on the graph.

The position of the lowest melt combination of flux, amphoteric & acid glaze content is indicated by a coloured dot(s) along the line of the oxide's eutectic.

The actual melting temperature of that combination is shown in the Oxide Eutectics Panel.

Any combination of eutectics may be displayed by click the check boxes on or off.

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