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Editing Limit Tables
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You may view the Limit Tables available in Matrix by opening the Edit Limits Window (Fig.1).

In this window you may change the numerical data or develop new limits for specific glaze types based on e.g. a collection of recipes which have qualities acceptable for that glaze type. More ...

To open the Limits Chart Window click the button or select the Limits Chart item in the View menu.

Fig.1 Edit Limits Window

The numerical display in this window is in a spreadsheet format allowing you to edit the data. When the content of a cell has been highlighted the right mouse button gives you the standard edit menu items.

To display a different set of limits from disc click the Open button.

To save changes to the same file use the Save button.

To create a copy of the displayed data or save the data to a new file on disc click the Save As button.

The Use Now button will allow you to use the displayed limit data on limit graphs without having to save that data to disc.

When entering a new set of data you wish to first click the Clear Display button. More ...

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