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Entering New Limits Data
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From time to time researchers have developed new sets of limits for specific purposes. A recent example is the set of limits developed by John Hesselberth and Ron Roy Stable Glaze Limits for C.6 & C.10

John Hesselberth states "This set of limits is not a direct copy of any published set, but rather an amalgam of
published sets and what we have learned from leaching studies. Others may have slightly different views on these recommended limits; however, we doubt anyone would argue that this is a "bad" set of limits." More ...

A new set of limit such as these may be saved as a Matrix Limits file by entering them into the Edit Limits Window (Fig.1).

To open the Limits Chart Window click the button or select the Limits Chart item in the View menu.

Fig.1 Creating a new set of limits in the Edit Limits Window

The numerical display in this window is in a spreadsheet format allowing you to edit the data. When the content of a cell has been highlighted the right mouse button gives you the standard edit menu items.

When the window is first opened it will display the currently chosen Limits Data (default is Matrix.lim).

Entering a New Set of Limits

Before commencing the entry of a new set of limits click the Clear Display button. This will clear all values from the spread sheet ready for the entry of new data.

Some limits tables do not have data for every cone or temperature. e.g. the Hesselberth and Roy limits mentioned above only pertain to Cone 6 and Cone 10. To enter these limits after clearing the table:

  • locate the column for C.6 and enter the minimum and maximum values for each oxide.
  • locate the column for C.10 and enter the minimum and maximum values for each oxide.
  • enter a comment in the text box provided
  • click the Save As button. The Windows File Selector in the open directly in the Limits folder.
  • type in a new name for the limits data you have entered and click the Save button.

When you are working in Matrix and wish to compare the formula for a displayed recipe with the limits you have just entered you can use the Load New Limits File item on the Action menu for whatever graph you are using. This menu item opens a file selector window and the name for the new limits data you have entered will appear in the list. More ...

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