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Setting Up the Auto Materials Database
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The Auto Materials database is a collection of materials especially for the Auto Make Recipe process.

The materials in this database would be a subset of the materials in the Local Materials database. A typical set of materials in the Auto Materials database would be:

  • feldspars for providing KNO (leave out simple sources such as soda ash)
  • dolomite, talc and magnesium carbonate for providing MgO
  • dolomite, wollastonite and whiting for providing CaO
  • barium carbonate for providing BaO
  • zinc oxide for providing ZnO
  • lead bisilicate for providing PbO
  • strontium carbonate for providing SrO
  • petalite, lepidolite, spodumene and lithium carbonate for providing Li2O
  • clays for providing Al2O3 (leave out simple sources such as alumina oxide or trihydrate)
  • boneash for providing P2O5
  • various frits for providing B2O3 (leave out simple sources such as borax)
  • silica for providing SiO2
  • zirconium oxide or silicate for providing ZrO2

After you have personalized your Local materials database it would most likely have all of these materials so an easy way to create your Auto Materials database would be to copy the Local Materials databases and remove the materials you do not want such as those mentioned above.

Matrix comes with an Auto Materials database. You could use the process described in Setting Up the Local Materials Database to change this database to one that suited your needs. You may only need to change the feldspars and the clays in this databases.

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