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Installing Matrix - Overview
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When you installed Matrix a folder called Matrix was created on your hard drive. Inside that folder other folders were created which store the essential files and databases which Matrix uses. Some of these folders will contain the recipe and material files which you will create in the course of your use of the software.

Fig.1 The Matrix Folder opened to reveal the other folders and files created during installation.
(Windows XP style)

The following table briefly describes the contents of each folder created in the Matrix folder on installation.

This is the application icon. Double click this in the Matrix folder or on the Start Menu to boot Matrix.

This file is created when you first boot Matrix. It holds the default paths to important files such as Local Materials Database and the Expansion and Limits databases you wish Matrix to use when opening. You may change these settings from within Matrix.

Bitmaps This folder contains images which are used when Matrix prints out recipes and other files.
Blends When you create a blend Matrix generates files which you may store in this folder. Each blend can be stored in its own folder inside the blends folder.
Expansions When Matrix calculates a coefficient of expansion for a glaze it uses values stored in Expansion Databases. These databases are stored in this folder.
GlazeTeach GlazeTeach is an independent programme designed to teach the basic principles of Glaze Technology. Files for this programme are stored in this folder.
Help All the HTML files which comprise Matrix's help system are stored in this folder.
Icons The images in this folder may be used to "Register" the file types which Matrix uses. When a file type is registered an icon image is attached to it so that the file is diplayed by Windows with the attached image. Refer to you Windows help for more information about registering file types.
Individual Recipes This important folder should be used to store all of the recipe you create and save as individual files. You may create other folders inside this folder to organise you recipes. This folder will also hold any glaze pictures or text files which may be attached to you individual recipe files.
Limits This folder contains a number of Limits databases (tables) used to evaluate recipes agains standards for particular temperatures.
Matrix Tutorials Getting to grips with all of the complex features offerred by Matrix may take some work on your part. These tutorials will help you by taking you through some of the processes and projects that Matrix perform.
Raw Materials The most important information stored in your Matrix folder is contained in the Raw Materials folder. The basis of all Matrix calculations is it's raw material data. This folder holds many Raw Material databases and any new databases that you might create for materials should be stored here.
Recipe Databases Matrix will also store recipe data in databases which are collections of up to 100 recipes that might have some logical reason for being together. The folder also holds glaze images and text files that may be attached to recipes in a recipe database.

Installing Matrix
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