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Keeping Your Matrix Files Organised
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When you are using Matrix you will be entering and saving recipes in one of two formats:

  • individual recipes
  • to a database of recipes

Individual Recipes
This option for saving a recipe keeps the recipe data seperate from other recipes. The file is conveniently transportable and can be attached to an email for sending to another Matrix user.

Individual recipes should always be saved in the Individual Recipes folder. You can create as many other folders inside the Individual Recipes folder as you wish. e.g. you might have a folder for C.10 glazes or Copper Red glazes. If you are in a school situation a folder could be created for each student in a group.

Database of Recipes
Up to 100 recipes may be stored in a single database. A databses will have a logical reason for its exitence e.g. you might collect all your C.10 glazes into one database file.

When recipes are in databases they can be conveniently compared and analysed as a group - their formula can be displayed on a single limits graph and the database can be searched for recipes with specific qualities.

Recipe databases should always be saved in the Recipe Databases folder.

Expansion and Limit Tables
Matrix comes with a good selection of these tables but you can create new ones from your own research or that of others.

Always keep these files in their appropriate folder so that Matrix can find them when you want to use them.

Glaze Pictures and Glaze Text Files
The images and/or text files for particular recipes should always be kept in the same folder that the recipe is in.


Installing Matrix
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