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Establishing Default Settings
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Files That Matrix Will Use Each Time It is Opened - the Matrix Options.opt file

Each time you boot Matrix the application will look for a file called 'Matrix Options.opt'. This is the preferences file which was initially created when you booted Matrix for the first time.

Each time Matrix is booted it looks for this file for istructions as to which Raw Materials Database, Colourants Database and Recipes Database files etc to initially use. When you are into Matrix you may, of course, access any other of these file types you wish.

You can change these preferences setting by selecting the menu item Matrix | Options (Preferences) and using the tabs and buttons to select and save particular files of your choice.

The Matrix Options file also tells Matrix which Cone / Temperature setting to use along with which expansion and limits tables to refer to when it is initially opened.

The Matrix Options.opt file should be in the Matrix folder together with the MatrixApp.exe application file. It should not be placed in any other folder.

Each time you boot Matrix if it cannot find this file it will create a brand new one using coded default settings.

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