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Glaze Text Files - Overview
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In addition to attaching glaze images to recipe files Matrix will attach a text file of unlimited length to a recipe file. This facility allows you to develop extensive notes about your work with a particular recipe. It can include information which has no place in the recipe file itself.

Glaze text files can be developed inside Matrix using the simple built in text editor.

Sending a Recipe to the Text Editor

When a recipe is displayed on screen the recipe can be "sent" to the text editor using the menu item shown in Fig.1

Fig.1 Sending a Recipe to the Text Editor

This menu selection will open the text editor window with the recipe complete contents of the recipe file displayed (Fig.2)

Fig.2 Text Editor with the Recipe Displayed.

In the text editor the recipe data can be reformated and added to or reduced.

Changes in the text editor will not effect the original recipe file.

The Attach to: item in the text Editor's File menu allows you to attach the text file to the recipe file.

When this happens the text file is saved in the same locaation as the recipe file.

In future when the recipe is loaded again in Matrix the text file can be displayed by clicking the button on the tool bar.

This file can be associated with the recipe for as long as you have the recipe on disk. If you ever delete the recipe from disk then you will have to seperately delete the text file using your computer's Windows file management system.

The Location of Glaze Pictures on Disk

When glaze pictures are "attached" to a recipe file the image will always be located in the same folder as the recipe file whether that file is an individual file or the recipe is part of a database. If you move a recipe file you will need also to move the glaze image by reattaching it to the recipe.

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