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How to Email a Recipe
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There are three techniques you may use for emailling one of your recipes:

  • placing the recipe complete recipe file in the clipboard and pasting it into an email
  • sending the recipe to the text editor, copying and pasting it into an email
  • attaching an individual recipe file or a recipe database to and email

Sending a Recipe to the Clipboard

The text editor may be opened by clicking the button in the tool bar.

Fig.1 Sending a Recipe to the Clipboard.

A small window will open to confirm that the recipe file has been copied to the clipboard.

Pasting the Recipe Into An Email

With the recipe on the clip board you may now open whatever email software you use and paste the recipe file into an empty email prior to sending. With some emails you may need to adjust the formating in the email.

Email From the Text Editor

If you want to send a text file which is attached to a recipe (it may include the recipe and other information) then

  • load the recipe into a Recipe to Formula recipe panel
  • click the button to open the recipe's text file.
  • select all or the part of the text you want to email and use the cipy item on the edit menu.

The selected text will now be on the clipboard and may be pasted into your email as described above.

Attaching a Recipe File to an Email

This is a very useful technique when you are communicating with another Matrix user. Any Matrix file may be attached to an email. If you send a recipe file together with your Local Materials file then the recipient will be able to load in your recipe into their Matrix application.

If you do not send the materials file from which the recipe was built the recipient will still be able to view the recipe in their Matrix software - most conveniently in the Recipe Search window. The Recipe Search window simply displays the contents of a recipe file and does not perform any calculations on the recipe as happens in the main Matrix window.

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