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Formula to Recipe - Overview
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Whereas the Recipe to Formula environment focuses on the creation and manipulation of recipes, the Formula to Recipe environment focuses on the unity formula.

In the Formula to Recipe environment:

  • unity formula may be manipulated and then used as a basis for creating a new recipes.
  • glazes may be "designed" by entering new formulae and creating a recipes based on the new formulae.
  • material substitutions can be made in a matter of seconds without altering a recipe's formula in any way.
  • the maturing range of a glaze may be altered using formula manipulation followed by the creation of a new recipe.
  • multiple recipes can be created all of which have the same formula but use different materials.

Accessing the Formula to Recipe Environment

When you boot Matrix you will find yourself in the Recipe to Formula environment. To move to the Formula to Recipe Environment click the Formula to Recipe tab. Fig.1 shows the Formula to Recipe environment with a recipe displayed.

Fig.1 The Formula to Recipe environment.

Fig.1 shows the empty Formula to Recipe environment

Recipe's formula may be loaded or entered as described below.

The focus in this environment is on the formula so a displayed formula may be changed and/or a new recipe can be created. More...

When the task of creating a new recipe is completed the new recipe may be sent back to be displayed in one of the recipe panel in the Recipe to Formula environment.

Graphical displays are available for the manipulation of formula. These displays include limit formula to assist with changes directed at particular firing ranges.


Displaying a Recipe's Formula

A recipe's formula may be displayed in the Formula to Recipe environment by:

  • exporting from the Recipe to Formula environment. You can send a recipe from Recipe to Formula by
    • clicking the button
    • selecting the Send Recipe To ... Formula to Recipe Environment item on the Recipe to Formula menu.
    • pressing the F10 key
  • loading a recipe from disc More...
  • entering a new formula More...

Operating in the Formula to Recipe Environment

Creating new recipes from formula can be a demanding task but it is made easier through the new options offered in Matrix V5. In all operations involving the manipulation of either recipes or formula a thorough knowledge of raw materials is a great advantage if not essential.

If your are manipulating a recipe to achieve particular qualities a knowledge of the properties of the oxides is also essential.

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