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Making a Recipe from a Formula
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The purpose of designing formula and changing formula is usually in order to create glazes based on those formulae. Matrix provides three efficient and easy to use methods for creating recipes from formula.

  • Auto - this is a "get lucky" mode which will sometimes give you an instant replacement recipe using materials from a special raw materials database called Auto Materials.rmt which you have to set up.

    Matrix V5 comes with a default Auto Materials databases but this will probably need to be changed so that it has materials commonly used by you.

  • Preselect - in this mode Matrix scans the formula testing each of the materials in your Local Materials.rmt database and selects only the ones which will not cause oxide overloads. The selected list is displayed for you to choose one of the materials for the recipe. This process continues until the new recipe is created.

    The Preselect mode uses only materials in your Local Materials database.

    Personally I like this mode the best. It is quick and almost foolproof but you need to have a reasonable selection of materials in your Local Materials database.

  • Manual - this is how it has been done in previous versions of Matrix. This mode gives you access to any raw material database for find appropriate materials. It is the most flexible mode but is also most prone to creating oxide overloads. In this mode you can "split" fill (more than one material to fill and oxide).

    As this is the only mode where you can create overloads a window is provided to display information when an overload occurs.

In this example we will carry on from were we left off after changing the Cone 10 Glaze formula.

Starting the "Make Recipe" Process

When a formula is displayed in the formula panel of the Formula to Recipe environment the process of creating a new recipe is initiated by clicking the Make Recipe button.

Fig.1 Formula to Recipe environment after clicking Make Recipe button.

Fig.1 shows the display visible after the Make Recipe button has been clicked.

You may decide to give the Auto Mode process a try - the recipe creation is instantaneous but the result may not be to your liking. More...

The Preselect Mode offers the easiest process while still giving you choices. More...

The Manual Mode gives lots of choices but the freedom comes with a price - overloads. You need to know your materials to use this process. More...

If things go wrong you can click the Restart button and have another go.

The Cancel button steps you back into the Formula to Recipe environment as it was before clicking the Make Recipe button.

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