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Entering a New Formula
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Entering a new unity formula is a simple task in Matrix the purpose of which may be to design a new glaze guided by the Limits for a particular temperature range and by your knowledge of the characteristics of the ozides commonly found in glazes.

To commence the task of entering a new formula click the New Formula button. This opens the Formula Management window shown in Fig.1.

Fig.1 Entering a new formula in the Formula Management window.

Formula values are entered into the text boxes and can be adjusted by using the arrow buttons to the right of each text box.

Each click of the button increases or decreases the value by the increment shown in the textbox in the right hand panel. This increment can be changed by typing in a new value.

The incremental change for SiO2 is greater by 1o times.

Matrix will automatically calculate the Al:Si Ratio, the Coefficient of expansion and the Surface tension for the whole formula progressively as it is entered.

In order to assist in judging when unity is achieved in the flux group there is a panel showing the sum of values entered for the flux group of oxides and a value for the remainder required to make unity.

Fig.2 Monitoring formula input with Limits Graphs.

Using Limits Graphs to Monitor the Entry of a New Formula

FIg.2 shows a formula entered into the Formula Management window. The objective was the construction of a formula suitable for generating a C.10 recipe.

Limits graphs are opened to graphically monitor the development of the formula. Before opening the graphs the temperature controls in the Formula to Recipe environment were set to C.10

Each change that is made in the formula Management window activates an update of the graph displays.

When the formula design is completed click the OK button and the Formula Management window disappears leaving the new formula displayed in the formula panel of the Formula to Recipe environment.

If you wish at any stage to make further changes to the formula click the Change Form button.

Creating a Recipe from the New Formula

The next stage would be the creation of a recipe from the formula just designed. More ...

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