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Changing a Formula
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A common task required on glaze formulation software is the changing of the formula for a glaze so that a new recipe can be created which has different characteristics from the original recipe. e.g. you may wish to lower the maturing range of a glaze without radically changing the visual qualities of the fired recipe.

We will load our existing Cone 10 Glaze and reduce the molecular parts of Al2O3 and SiO2 in the formula such that the maturing temperature of the glaze will be lowered.

Lowering the Maturing Temperature of a Glaze

First load the Cone 10 Glaze by clicking the button. To monitor the changes we will make to the formula we will open the limits graphs by clicking the and the button on the tool bar.

Next click the Change Form button to open the Formula Management window.

Fig.1 Changing a formula in the Formula Management window.

FIg.1 the Formula Management window opened together with the limits graphs windows.

The Al2O3 and SiO2 formula values have been reduced and the new values are displayed with red dots on the limits graphs while the postion of the original formula values are preserved and shown with the . The changes were made by holding down the left mouse button on the left arrow button. As the number reduces the red dot shifts on the graphs.

By designing a formula with the same Al2O3 : SiO2 ratio as the original we can minimise possible changes to the fired qualities other than the maturing temperature range.

When the formula changes are completed click the OK button and the Formula Management window disappears leaving the changed formula displayed in the formula panel of the Formula to Recipe environment.

If you wish at any stage to make further changes to the formula click the Change Form button.

Creating a Recipe from the New Formula

The next stage would be the creation of a recipe from the formula just designed. More ...

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