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Coefficients of Expansion - Editing / Entering New Data
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Existng Expansion factor files can be edited although this is not a good idea as the data will have been established through extensive research and should not be changed.

You may however acquire new sets of data which you wish to use to create a new expansion factor file for use in Matrix.

Entering a New Set of Expansion Factors

Recently Michael Bailey published a set of factors for C.6 glazes which he called English & Turner & Appen (hybrid). A set of values such as this can be entered into the Coefficient of Expansion Edit window.

To open the edit window select the Edit Expansion Factors item in the Actions menu in the Oxide Expansions Window.

Fig.1 Entering new data in the Oxide Expansions Window

Fig.2 New data entered and ready to save.

The window will open with the current default set of factors entered.

First click Clear All button then type in the new factors for each oxide. (Fig.2)

When you are ready to save the new data click the Save As button to open the Windows File Selector (Fig.3)

Fig.3 Saving the new expansion factor file in the Expansions folder.

This file can now be set as the default file for calculating Coefficients of Expansion in Matrix.

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